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Classic Mini gets Popbang Colour treatment for 60th Birthday

This year marks 60 years since a small car was launched as the Morris Mini Minor and the Austin Seven, which later became one of the most recognisable and iconic cars in the world. To celebrate, the team behind the London Classic Car Show has teamed up with artist Ian Cook, AKA our mate PopbangColour, to create a one-off London-branded Mini.

And when we say one-off, we mean it. We went to a the Waterloo Classics Garage in central London to see Popbang painting the car with his unique custom paint-job constructed entirely using his signature remote control cars, in this case Minis, obvz. Sending their miniature tyres through the paint over just a six-hour period, the Mini now boasts its own London skyline and London Classic Car Show branding, in your classic red, white and blue, not forgetting the splashes and wheelie marks.

The Mini will now make the trip back to Coventry, West Midlands, where the finishing touches will be made ahead of its grand debut at the London Classic Car Show, taking place from 14th-17th February.

We've put a gallery together from the day above, and you can head over to the London Classic Car Show Facebook to see a video of the painting process. You can also find out how to win pair of premium tickets to the show as well as a ride in the car itself in the Grand Avenue procession of Show cars.

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