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Mercedes X-Class V6 X350 d 4MATIC Power

Spending a couple of weeks with a pick-up truck that has a V6 is a bit like renting a flat in central London - everyone is well impressed when they come over for tea and biscuits, but you may as well withdraw large amounts of cash from the machine and set them on fire. The Mercedes-Benz X-Class X350 d Power is a stunning machine and oozes swankiness, though it’s by no means cheap to run. But to be fair, if you’re buying one of these and expecting it to sip fuel, you’re an idiot.

Having recently tested the Power line trim X250 d in December, I was keen to see whether or not the bigger grunt from the V6 engine in the X350 is worth the extra dosh. How much more is it? A whopping £9,690 when compared to X250 that comes paired with the 7-speed auto transmission, or a staggering £12,174 more than the basic X250 with the 6-speed manual. Yet, despite the eye-watering price gap, I can imagine the V6 variant going down a treat with many potential pick-up buyers.

There weren’t too many surprises when taking delivery of the X350. It is only available in the Power line trim, so owners are treated to luscious soft-touch surfaces, comfy seats and a decent array of tech. The X250 I previously tested also came in the Power trim, so everything was the same both inside and out apart from the glinting badges below each wing mirror that read ‘V6 TURBO’.

Under the bonnet, the 3.0-litre V6 produces 258hp - 68 more than the 4-cylinder in the X250. Is it really noticeable? Not in terms of speed. There’s definitely a punch to the V6 when accelerating from a standing start, which made my brother-in-law giggle like a excitable school kid when I flawed it on a straight stretch of Welsh country lanes somewhere near Crickhowell. But that same punch is delivered surprisingly well by the smaller engine too.

On paper, however, the stats look good for the V6. Mercedes says that the X350 will do 0-62mph in 7.9 seconds, which is pretty damn impressive for something that weighs more than Freddie after a Sunday roast - 2.2 tonnes to be exact. And it’s also a whole lot quicker compared to the 11.8 seconds of the X250, but for some reason, those three seconds are lost on me.

One factor that isn’t lost on me is the noise of the V6. The low burble brings a character to the X350 that is arguably missing from its less powerful sibling. It’s a soothing sound, loud enough to hear over the stereo when blasting BBC 6 Music, but not too brash as to make a motorway drive unbearable. In fact, when cruising at higher speeds, the X350 is practically silent - a detail that says it all about the refinement of Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Aside from the satisfying rumble when putting foot to floor, there is only one reason to purchase the X350 over the X250 - to answer the question, ‘What engine has it got?’ If the response is, ‘a 4-cylinder that produces 190ps, the response is often somewhere along the lines of, ‘Oh… that’s a tad small,’ followed by a disenchanted sigh. But respond by saying ‘a lovely, tasty, scrumptious V6’ and you’re on to a winner.

If you’re in the market for an X-Class and you’re hoping to save three seconds of your life, have the ability to make fully grown men giggle and impress the neighbourhood petrolhead, then I’d recommend spending another ten grand on the X350. If you’re just after an X-Class, then I’d recommend going for its lesser-powered baby brother and using the ten grand to go on holiday in the Caribbean.

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