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Geneva Motor Show 2019 - the concepts

The Geneva Motor Show is quite simply the best place in the world to see the widest range of concept cars, not to mention the wackiest trousers and hairstyles, but we're here for the cars..

From the big players to the small, the 2019 show includes all manner of electrified sports cars, saloons and coupes. Numerous visionary concepts also hint that the near future of the industry is something to be very, very excited about.

Read on for our favourite showstoppers...

Polestar 2

While 'number 2' might not be the best choice of name for Polestar’s second car, it oozes elegance on its fancy stand at this year’s show. The (deep breath) 'five-door all-electric fastback coupe' carries over much of the sporty styling of the turbocharged Polestar 1, but costs closer to the £50,000 mark compared to closer to £150,000. Much of the awesomeness about this car comes as standard, too, including the bezel-less rearview mirrors, the panoramic sunroof and the native Android Auto which enables that price to be dropped right down. It also has a promised range of up to 300 miles and can reach 0-60mph in under five seconds. The only bad news is that the Tesla Model 3 competitor is still more than a year away from release.

Fiat Centoventi

The Fiat concept Centoventi (Italian for 120) was one of the shock reveals at the show. The concept celebrates the quirky, beloved brand’s 120th anniversary and aims to break away from traditional looks, design, and engineering. Instead, it showcases a bold, affordable vision of electric mobility, while previewing the next-generation Fiat Panda. It’s a pure electric car offering anything from a 62-mile range right up to 310 miles. It’s a completely new platform for Fiat’s first electric car and shows a new design direction for the brand—we don’t think it could come soon enough.

Citroen AMI One

While Geneva is known for its wild concepts, this little all-electric two-seater won't impress your nieces and nephews with its specs. The AMI One has a top speed of 28 mph and can only travel around 62 miles on a charge. In fact, it's not a car at all, but a modern, accessible and 100% electric 'urban mobility solution,' or something. What's cool about the quadricycle, which you could compare with the Renault Twizy, is that it could effectively be driven by teenagers as young as 16 – or 14 in the brand’s native France. More usefully, Citroen says, it could be exempt from future city-centre bans on cars – allowing drivers to retain their mobility. The brand claims it’s attempting to revolutionise the world of transport for city dwellers in the same way that the 2CV did for those in rural France way back in 1948. Watch this space.

Peugeot e-Legend

By far one of our highlights at this year's show, the e-Legend signifies the firm's shift towards electrification. Half 504 retro, half future e-tech, Peugeot has really tapped into its stylish coupe heritage for the all-electric e-Legend autonomous electric car concept. The bonus is that it doesn’t even look like an airport shuttle, but instead a genuinely attractive coupe that would demand respect in the supermarket car park. Although it's a concept for now, production could commence post-2020. Rest assured we'll be elbowing our way through the queues to try it out, just like we were at this year's show to see it for the first time. JUST LOOK AT THOSE BLOODY SEATS!

Mitsubishi Engelberg Tourer

Mitsubishi’s vision of its electrified future, the Engelberg Tourer, was a nice surprise at this year's show. Named after a Swiss ski resort, the SUV concept's styling builds on the brand’s design themes introduced in the latest ASX. There are also some funky 'lifestyle' touches, such as an electronically operated roof box with built-in projector lamps. It boasts an all-electric range of 43 miles, and can carry lots of of cargo, thanks to its size and boxy shape. In a world full of SUVs, be an Engelberg Tourer.

Honda E prototype

If this is the future, shut up and take my money. It's refreshing to see an EV that has been designed with current aesthetic tastes in mind. There are no weird body panels, lights or covered wheel arches for aerodynamic purposes. Instead, we're treated to a cute, slightly sporty supermini with an expected 120-mile range. Arguably the talk of this year's show, and for good reason: it's actually making it to production with only 2% changed from this prototype. Expect certain elements to be watered down in order to meet price constraints, but even offered with bare-bones trim, it is sure to be lapped up.

Skoda Vision iV

The unfortunate result of a one-night stand between Bumblebee and a BMW X6, this is yet another 'vision of the future.' It's Skoda's first model to be based on parent company Volkswagen's scalable MEB platform. With all-wheel drive and 300hp, you can add it to the growing crop of fast crossovers. In fact, this is a 'crossover coupe'—go figure.

Aston Martin Lagonda All-Terrain Concept

It's an about turn for Aston with this electric SUV, which is slated to enter production at the company's Welsh factory in 2022. It's a big statement, for an even bigger car—it is fecking enormous. Expect more of the same from the Lagonda sub-brand in future.

Pininfarina Battista

With 1900hp, this promises to be neck-botheringly fast. It almost seems cruel on the tyres to pack in that much grunt. Remember when EVs were supposed to be boring, slow and tedious? Now we've got a nuclear rocket with wheels, designed by Pininfarina and manufactured by parent company Mahindra. Well done everyone, we've created a monster.

Volkswagen ID buggy

"How can we make everyone forget about that thing we got caught doing? I know—BIG SHINY GREEN BUG WITH NO DOORS!" The ID buggy is essentially a revamped Baja Bug without a roof, and it looks insane. Like the Skoda concept detailed earlier, this also rests upon the Volkswagen MEB architecture, which is being shared across various brands to save costs and decrease time to market. In other words, it means creations like this are more likely to become available, and that's exciting stuff.

Bugatti Voiture Noir

Everything about the Black Car is ridiculous, but what do you expect from the world's most expensive production car? We hate to disappoint you all, but put your wallets away: it's already been sold for a cool €11m. Bugatti claims it is an homage to the Type 57 SC Atlantic of the 1930s, but its near 1500hp and futuristic styling might bring that into question. It is exactly the kind of mad flamboyance that we have come to expect from the Geneva show, and we love it.

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